anna vogel


In my work, I deal with the tension between natural landscapes with a nostalgia for certain places and the memories of them.
Usually, the wish to hold certain situations evokes taking photos. By taking away important details from the picture, the opposite happens : context is lost and memories disappear.
By combining different photos, I create new scenarios. Further I spray with varnish on parts of the photo or scratch geometric forms in the pictures so that new spaces emerge – they don’t describe an autobiographical reminiscence but they rather create an atmosphere.


Anna Vogel was born in Herdecke, Germany in 1981. She now lives and works in Düsseldorf.Until 2012 she studied at the Kunstakademie of Düsseldorf with professors Thomas Ruff, Christopher Williams and Andreas Gursky.
She participated in numerous exhibitions such as Fensterbilder, KIT Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf (s); Portrait and a Dream, Grafisches Kabinett, Düsseldorf (g); Anna Vogel, Conrads Gallery, Düsseldorf (s); distURBANces LandEscape, MNHA, Luxembourg (g); New Positions, Art Cologne, Conrads Gallery (s); 67. Internationale Bergische Kunstausstellung, Solingen (g); State of the Art – New Contemporary Photography, NRW Forum, Düsseldorf (g); New Talents Cologne Biennale, Hope Gallery, Cologne (g).
In 2012 she received a scholarship from the city of Düsseldorf (Förderpreis der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf für Bildende Kunst).
Anna Vogel is represented by Conrads Gallery, Dusseldorf.

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