antoine carbonne

135x135cm, oil on canvas


« Antoine Carbonne is interested in the constructions of the world, in other words: what remains of the forms that man has taken care to develop, either architectures or traces of daily life.
Thus, for one of his latest series, he took the district of La Défense as a starting point.
His basis material is a bunch of photographs and videos which he uses to reconstruct and
re-configure spaces.
Resulting urban landscapes that challenge the notion of vanishing point: Carbonne says he wants to create depth without feeling much enslaved to the rules of perspective, « to simply allow the eye to travel. » An immense sky dotted with clouds appears on top of gray buildings that have almost disappeared.
The painter works exclusively from images he collected himself, all of which are « finds » extracted from the real world -necessarily subjective because framed cut into the landscape, with a real documentary involvement . He emphasizes the idea of « assemblage » and seeks to create contemporary still lives, which testify as much as possible of the « intent » from the artist in the organization of the pictures. Thus, the large canvas Fire shows a campfire in which a fluorescent can was abandoned -there- in the flames. And the image seems to resonate with the idea of precarious makeshift homes in the woods, near Paris. Once again, the image slides without vanishing point to retain it. Only a wide red crackling spot remains. »

Léa Bismuth


Antoine Carbonne was born October 2, 1987 in Paris.
He graduated from the Beaux Arts in Paris in 2011.
Since then he participated in several group exhibitions in Paris – as the Salon de la Jeune Création 2012 at the 104 – and its suburbs.
His first solo exhibition was held in 2012 at the Premier Regard Gallery in Paris.
He currently lives and works in Paris and Vincennes.