antonin salsmann

Inventory boards,
2009-2011, 45 x 58 cm, mixed media

4 image galleries here-above :
Inventory, 2007-2008,
21 x 29,7 cm, mixed media

120 x120 cm, digital print

Diploma exhibition, ENSBA,
24 May 2011

« Nul homme ne peut dire ce qu’il est. Mais il arrive qu’il puisse dire ce qu’il n’est pas. »
« Celui qui cherche encore, on veut qu’il ait conclu. »

L’été (1954). Albert Camus.

To the Nightwatcher ; « Tell me …What is the Night up to ? »

Thankfully, happy days follow one another, at least, one could almost quite believe it, but of course some are inevitably darker.

If it has to be, let scattered pieces be…but not to the point of losing oneself altogether. All the drawn and painted fragments have been used again and again for the odd composition, ( cf the « Inventory » and « Maze » plates) . They are always recorded in private journals and sometimes they are printed into books of limited editions. All those efforts put together aim at an ultimate coherence , of making sense of what has been lived and digested in order to make it a work of Art.

All that is potentially feasible makes up this workshop. It is a long-term enterprise, a scaffolding in a way, both to look up to and to be seen; to both give air and to be aired… All that is worth doing even if at the end of the day, one has to return to the grudging personal and misenderstood daily routine ; even if one ends up having to assume that choice…unrepenting.


Antonin Salsmann was born in 1986 in Paris, where he lives and works. He graduated from the Beaux Art in 2011. He has taken part in many collective exhibitions. In 2009 : Singuliers et solitaires at the Galerie CROUS, Curiosa and Bestiaire & Bestioles at Cabinet d’amateur (Paris) . In 2010, Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent ? at Galerie TALMART, then at the 6B, Ile Saint Denis. In 2011 he has taken part in the Chic Art Fair, and presented his graduation show, Soutenance, in Philippe Cognée’s atelier at Ensba. His most recent exhibition took place at L’Etabli, in Paris, January 2012.