capucine vever

This selection of images is derived from research projects from the past two years. Some of them resulted from direct documentation produced in different locations. Others are archival material from complementary research of these physical explorations. Structured in two independent scrolling columns, it is possible to make new connections, with images positioned side by side taken from different searches. This format reproduces somehow the wall of my studio during the research of each project.

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My entire production, proteiform, adapts itself to my investigations. Considering that the notions of exploration and infiltration are very close, my practice is part of a process of physical movement (urban walk, suburban territory exploration …)like a prerequisite to the work’s elaboration. At the same time I proceed to research (reading various documents, archives, narratives, legends) in order to place the context in another T instant than the one of my presence on the territory.
My projects often take tentacular shapes. A part of the works (actions or installations) lies in the direct infil- tration in specific places (oceanic space, forests, fallow land, space being rebuilt, scrap of the human activity, etc) when another part is destined to the exhibition space (sound works, installations, sculpture, books, videos, etc). Urban legends, contemporary myths or scientific research are often summoned in my projects. Forms of narratives that I consider like invitations to travel, a mental wandering.


Born in 1986, lives and works in Pantin and elsewhere. Since, she develop her practice in various contexts as artistic residences or collective environments initiated by artists. She participate for example in 2014 at the residence at Maison des Arts of Malakoff, in 2013 Suddenly residence and to Géographie Variable (at the EESAB in Lorient) and La Pommerie (in Saint Setier) both in collaboration with Valentin Ferré. For two years she puts a lot in ultralocal, an artist collective which organises workshops: Totem (Recyclart, Brussels 2014), Recettes (Ciboure, 2013 and Val d’Isère 2012), Talweg (Off Biennale of Rennes 2012) , Domaine Public (Pornichet 2012) and La Régie (Rennes, 2012). She co-directed in 2012 with Julie Dabbagh and Mathilde Supe the editorial project SCENARIO 21 12 spread at the Ricard Foundation , the Sam Foundation, La Laverie (Paris) and at DY10, Nantes.
Her first solo exhibition Les Rémanents took place at La pommerie in September 2013 in collaboration with Valentin Ferré. Her work has been shown through group shows: Le rêve d’une chose (may 2014 at Maison Salvan, Labège), Géographie Variable (2013, EESAB Lorient), Prodrome (2012, La Laverie, Paris) and conferences (La Chambre d’Eau april 2014, La Pommerie 2013, at Toulouse invited by le BBB in 2012).

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