constance nouvel

From left to right and top to bottom :

To unemploy the picture, 2010, two C-Prints on aluminium, 60 x 105 cm

Interfaces / Junctions, 2011, C-Print under diasec and tinted films, 78 x 110 cm

Transfers, 2011, four inkjet prints on wall‐paper (wall and floor), 3 x 4 x 2,5 m

Chaos, 2010, eight C-Prints on aluminium, 150 x 247 cm

Caesura, 2012, C-Print on medium-wood, 39 x 58 x 2 cm

Dispersion, 2012, C-Print on aluminium, 76 x 56 x 56 cm

Sets, 2009-11, C-Prints, variable dimensions

Sets, 2009-11, C-Prints, variable dimensions

Sets, 2009-11, C-Prints, variable dimensions

Reverse, 2011, C‐Print on polychoc, 150 x 103 cm

The 25th image, 2010, twenty-four laser prints coated with plastic, paper-pasted and dug, 20 X 27 X 1 cm

Uncovery, 2008, color and sound video, 15 min 23 sec, loop


My photographs convey a representation of rebuilt sets and undetermined spaces. They draw inspiration from personal experience. Beyond the strict reproduction of reality, I would rather transcribe reality. To link reproduction and representation, the interpretation of the real reveals as « variable reality »: the spectator’s positioning, his point of view as well as his projections are crucial.
A dialectic pattern builds up: I apply edditing and sculptural approaches to the image and its topic. Photography becomes a three-dimensional object. From the shooting to the final formatted work, I use transfers and displacements. I manipulate the image in handling the prints : when the image peels off, comes off the frame or shows its layers, I question the different levels of perception.
For me, the photographic medium is a virtual space where different subjective points of view intertwine.


Born in 1985 in Paris, lives and works in Paris.
Constance Nouvel studied photography at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris in the Patrick Tosani studio. In 2009, she participates at the students exchange program at the University of Quebec in Montreal. In 2010, she is graduated with the exhibition Stratum perception.
Selection of group exhibitions :
(Mis)perception, Paul Frèches gallery, Paris ; Man-made, Dominique Fiat gallery, Paris ; Réfraction, Espace des arts sans frontière, Paris ; Le songe, la raison et les monstres, Paul Frèches gallery, Paris ; Exposition Constance Nouvel-Manon Recordon, Espace Lhomond, Paris ; Le Vent d’après, honours students exhibition, Beaux-arts de Paris exhibition’s galleries, participation at the 56th Salon de Montrouge.

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