edouard wolton

A book of nature
Virtual book based on paintings and elements from Edouard Wolton’s personal collection

« Edouard Wolton’ s recent pictorial practice is based on a guiding theme: landscape painting ; more precisely, the tradition of the composed landscape, not painted from nature but in the studio, from elements of different landscapes, a view of the mind rather than a realistic depiction.

What some would hastily judge as an outdated genre finds with this artist, on the contrary a unique inventiveness ans a questioning that has lost nothing of its topicality.

Equipped with deep knowledge of the history of painting – which embraces the Renaissance, French Classicism, the aesthetic of the Sublime, Romanticism an luminism…- Edouard Wolton concentrates on the idea of a rationalization of nature, this relationship between landscape and geometrywich shows the ancestral desire of man to understand and master nature.
To create his paintings, he thus draws from a wide range of iconographical sources ans the most varied objects : photographs, old engravings, scientific publications, mathématical treatises, plates by naturalists, of minerals and other plants. In parallel, all this patiently collected study material leads to the creation of collages, lithographs and cabinets called « of libraries « wich superimpose, intermingle and confront citations and references. By appending this documentation to his paintings in a composite hang that proliferates on the wall, Edouard Wolton develops what hecalls  » an argumentative corpus ». He indicates in this way his refusal of the independance of the painted image and invites the viewer to make an associated rhizomatic reading wich goes beyond simple contemplation to lead to a reflection on our perception of nature. [...]

Edouard Wolton develops in a way a scientific imaginary of painting, where a sublimated and subjective point of view, an almost mystical relationship with nature, intersects with an interpretation of attempts to learn about phenomena of the natural world. It is in this in-between that his own conception of nature lays ans that his pictorial method becomes the vector of an interogation of the real  »

Alexandre Quoi


Edouard Wolton lives and works in Paris. He graduated from the National Superior Fine Arts School of Paris (Ensba) in 2010. He managed a workshop in 104 about the relations between sculpture, installation and landscape painting, during his residency in 2011. He also made a residency in Leipzig in Germany inside the Spinnerei in 2012. He was a member of the crossed workshop between the ENS and ENSBA in 2012. He participated in many collective exhibitions and coordinated several collective projects, in particular in the editorial domain.

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