elizaveta konovalova

Inn Diary
Photographic diary realized between the 21st of august and the 30th of September 2012, during the residency at Nairs contemporary art centre, Switzerland.
daily images, taken from the same place, at the same moment of the day.

* phrases, heard during the residency at Nairs about the river Inn, assembled in an imaginary dialog.
wall drawing, grey pencil
work made during the residency at Nairs contemporary art centre, Switzerland.

I created this work during my stay at Nairs in 2012. Located in the lower part of the Engadine valley, « nairs » comes from the local dialect and means « black » or « dark » – during winter time the sunlight does not succeed to get there. This image was at the starting point of the project.
The walls inside the building of the residency, situated in a former thermal cure centre built in 1912, were once covered by tiles halfway up. Now, this part of the wall is covered with white wallpaper laid over the tiles, what makes this surface slightly thicker. I covered the top of the wall with a pencil drawing, using the basic method to create shade. The drawing runs all over the perimeter of the space, thus the separation between the wall surfaces traces a horizon line and suggests a winter landscape.

Pointing North
sharpened pencils

Black and White


gradation of snow
white snow, dirty snow of different shades, collected on the streets

Moscow, Ekaterininsky park

My work is constantly fueled by the challenge of a new environment. Rather than follow a line, I cultivate my ability to respond plastically to a situation, a place, an object or a specific context. My practice could be then perceived as migrant. Such an approach is primarily due to my desire to question various aspects of the world and to preserve an experimental and curious approach.

Diverting the method of systematic production, I nourish my work with all sorts of observations. The core of my practice is thus taking shape in a synthesis of various influences, confronting my intuition to research. Naturally I am developing a multidisciplinary practice.

One of my concerns is to create on-going projects – projects that can be activated or re-activated in a specific context and by thus exist in the infinitive form. 
Starting with a space, object, or situation, I link stories to simple shapes. I seek to disrupt the obviousness of things that attract my attention by proposing a logic where factual and sensitive realities coexist.


Born in 1986 in Moscow, lives and works in Paris.
Elizaveta Konovalova studies at the National Fine Arts School of Paris (ENSBA) in Jean Luc Vilmouth’s studio. In 2009 she participates in the exchange program at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York. In 2010 she graduates with the exhibition « Ici ou Jamais » (from French : here or never). In 2011 she stays at the artists residency at Malterie, Lille, France. In 2012 she is invited as artist in residence at Nairs center for contemporary art, Switzerland, during the Culturescapes festival.

Selected group exhibitions:
Être dans, Finish Institute, Paris ; Full White Cube, Frédéric Giroux gallery, Paris ; Paris-Hanoï/Hanoï-Paris, l’Espace, French cultural center of Hanoï ; Collection printemps-été, EDF Electra Foundation, Paris ; Première Vue, Passage de Retz, Paris ; Mindmap, la Malterie, Lille ; CAIRNS, 22,48 m2 gallery, Paris; Grand Huit, l’Entre Deux, Pantin, France; Curraint d’Ajer, Nairs center for contemporary art, Scuol, Suisse; Fonctions Obliques, Eugène Beaudouin contemporary art space, Paris; Bonus, Espace des Arts sans Frontières, Paris.

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