jeremy berton

Quick Sands
Variable dimensions, polyurethane foam, styrofoam, epoxy resin
263 x 120 x 88 cm, acrylic resin, stepladder

170 x 40 x 60 cm, aluminum sheet
Random orbit
Painted wood, acrylic resin, tinged plaster, metal, 300 x 400 x 230 cm

Hybridization, collisions, stylization… new forms emerge from these processes. What is familiar is transformed into ambiguous objects. I go on exploring signs and elements of language, making variations on fluctuating themes, composing objects that stand between figuration and abstraction, seduction and repulsion, irony and lightness.

With the means of sculpture, my images are colourful, playful, with a certain monumentality contrasting with a sense of humour. I juggle with forms and materials, looking for a balance to embody immaterial phenomenons.

The objects arise from different sources : picotgramms, comicbooks, adventure movies, childhood… Drawing is the first step, volume will enhance the ideas and disturb the points of reference.


Jérémy Berton was born in 1986, he lives and works in the eastern parisian suburbs.
He graduated from the Beaux Arts of Paris in 2010, where he studied
sculpture. His first solo show was at the Premier Regard Gallery in Paris in May 2011. He has taken part in many collective shows, such as : Trois en Un, la sculpture, Camille Lambert Art Center, Juvisy, Grand huit at l’Entre deux in Pantin, Parade Quincy Abbaye, (all three in France), and Cok Mersi in Istanbul, Turkey

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