jessica lajard

Mixed media on paper
113 x 88 cm

A permanent search of combinations and balance of forms that come from all that I find intriguing is at the core of my sculpture. Making lists from which I make maps that link one thing to another, form, color, texture, pattern, dimension, personal memory, until finding the combination that can then become an existing piece. Guided by spontanity, desire and humour I look to push these elements as close as possible to a limit or ‘edge of a cliff’ just before falling into a grotesque and ridicule imagery. Finding the precise moment of the ‘nearly over the top’ whilst gently stretching towards a certain madness with mixed feelings of orgasm and desgust.


Born in 1985 in Libourne, lives and works in the Parisian outskirts.
After having grown up in Barbados, she decides to persue her studies in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts. During five years she developes her practice of sculpture in which she deconstructs and reconstructs day to day banal images. She is represented by the Bendana-Pinel Gallery in Paris where her first personal show is held in march 2012.

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