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Lucie Chausson’s page on New Folder contains texts that we chose not to translate to preserve their literary qualities. We hope that you may enjoy the work anyway as a small presentation text is available at the bottom of the page.


Le chemin
Book printed on japanese paper
20X20 cm
Quotation (Simon Leys, « l’attitude des chinois à l’égard du passé » in L’humeur, l’honneur, l’horreur, Essais sur la culture et la politique chinoise, Robert Laffont, 1991)
Ambient sounds recorded at the Garden of Tropical Agronomy in Vincennes.
Quotation (Isabelle Lévèque, Dominique Pinon, Marcel Griffon, Le Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale, de l’agriculture tropicale au développement durable, Actes Sud, 2005)
Ambient sounds recorded at the Garden of Tropical Agronomy in Vincennes.
Text printed on « Conqueror Velin » paper, pinewood board (200X20cm), trestles (140X50cm).

Quotation (William Chambers, A dissertation on oriental gardening, 1772)
Ambient sounds recorded at the Garden of Tropical Agronomy in Vincennes.
(La Montagne)
First volume of the « Promenades » series, (21X27cm), unique edition, 2013.
(Le lac)
Second volume of the « Promenades » series, (21X27cm), unique edition, 2013.
(Le zoo)
Third volume of the « Promenades » series», (21X27cm), unique edition, 2013.
(Le hutong)
Fourth volume of the « Promenades » series, (21X27cm), unique edition, 2013.
(Le bus)
Fifth volume of the « Promenades » series, (21X27cm), unique edition, 2013.
Quotation (Victor Segalen, Équipées, dans Œuvres complètes, Tome II, Robert Laffont, 1995)
Ambient sounds recorded at the Garden of Tropical Agronomy in Vincennes.
Book printed on paper « Olin recyclé » (33X28cm), pinewood table (90cmX40cm), 2013.

Entering a garden. Following one path, then another. Turning back. Changing direction. Locating the viewpoint, then moving away from it; discovering a new aspect of it.

In a garden, the successive scenes call for an ideal angle of vision, often imposed by the decor’s subtle layout. These are the « views », or the « tableaux », whose artifice characterises a garden’s framework. But the visitor is always free to take a step to the side. A change in perspective, revealing what was previously hidden at the expense of certain elements now excluded: the physical shift in vision creates a new composition. The taking of the photographs itself was preceded by many walks, during which I would use a rectangular window cut into a piece of cardboard to frame to views I would later capture.

From the exploring of a new and foreign environment – China – to the parallel existence I lead there, where everything is both different and alike; the act of writing as an attempt to grasp an element, to hold it in. Upon my return, in the Vincennes garden, I found this enclosed space again, where a parallel life is possible. Narratives, memories, bridges emerge as the visit unfolds.

Walking allows for one to digress, for one’s thoughts to escape. Sometimes, it triggers the imagination, taking in, as our vision progresses, these objects which transform as we advance, or take on new meanings as we approach them. The ambler catches bribes of the environments he journeys across, keeping an element in mind to sometimes discover him anew, shrunk amidst a thicket. The fragmentation of one’s vision responds to the multiplicity of possible itineraries and narratives.

Recurrently, the path forms a loop; or interrupts itself suddenly, suspended.


Lucie Chausson was born in 1985 in Paris, where she lives and works. She recently graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, in Paris. Lately, she has been pondering leaving Paris, although such a decision, without a doubt, would be a very difficult one to take.

1985 : Birth.

2013 : Degree.

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