rémy briere



The following pages are a stroll in my personnal bookcase. The fourty scans are the pages of an ephemeral and fantasized collection.

Either anonymous or easily recognisable, these images form a group of works that are dear to me and captivate my attention everytime I leaf through them.

Remy Brière produces sculptures and images that he stages to create some potentially narrative situations. While most of his works play on simulacra concerning the use of such shape or material, he also brings them towards a choreographic or cinematographic dimension.

As he continues to respect the notion of «standard» as his condition of production, he infuses a bit of perversion in his works by associating them to a sensitive world, for example with a row of administrative A4 papers each of a different yellow nuance which are complemented with romantic peacock feathers (Etats d’âme, 2012). In «Ligne de conduite (2013), the ivy stem imposes its form to the copper tube, making it necessary to recreate the work for each exhibition, thus keeping it in a fragile state in between protocol and ornament.

Each exhibition is seen as a new layout in which the works brome a partition or characters for a bigger ensemble, stuck in an artificial setting derived from a model, in between the decorative shop and the experimental theatre setting. Thereby, during the last Bourges Biennial, he showed a frozen scene where everything indicates movement : the folds and drapes, the suspended masses and copper rods «conducting» the spectator’s look (Archives muettes °3, 2012), the slow degradation of the vegetation under their metal shell (Bronzes éphémères n°2, 2012), the different objects placed on the ground like props waiting for the show to start. The aesthetics of materials or objects of industrial design, those that determine the style of the waiting areas, substitutes of a culture of non-choice and compromise, become actors of «living pictures» concealing potential fiction, even melancholy.

Thus Rémy Brière deploys in space a language that calls on several potential simultaneous scenarios, all possible projections of our own mental spaces, both iconographic and emotional.

Axelle Blanc, 2013


Rémy Briere, lives and works in Paris.

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