serge payen

Gâchettes (Triggers)
2012, wood, plastic (PLA, Fused deposition 3D printing), 10-15 x 5-8 cm

From the serie Ronds-Points (Roundabouts)
2010, vectorial drawing

Bascule (Seesaw)
2012, steel, wood, concrete, plastic (PLA, fused deposition 3D printing)
72 cm x 215 x 160 cm

Borne (Marker)
2011, ceramic, wood, steel, 208 x 102 cm


I am interested in relationships between forms and functions, and in symbolic effects disruptions in these relationships produce. I often work from the explanations that a shape, a material, a technique can suppose ( functional, technological, social, historic explanations), to release the unexplainable and arbitrary of it.


Born in 1984 in Paris. Degree in Archaeology in 2006. Graduated from National Fine Arts School of Paris in 2010.

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