sophie giraux

Seven Kilos (Oblique)
charcoal powder, 30 x 30 x 30 cm

A sculpture that begins life as a perfectly formed parallelepiped; the passage of time then leads to its collapse, lending the work a whole new configuration.
Seventy Seven Seconds
two slide projectors on timer, shelf, duration 1’17’’, variable dimensions

During the course of one cycle the projectors continuously search for their focal point, the two rectangles of white light independently shrinking and then enlarging, becoming slightly superimposed at their adjacent edge and for an instant gently achieving an identical size.

Hats Gemakt
pencil on wall, 24 x 68 cm

They all said : “it’s not possible, then came the one who didn’t know and he did it” (unknown)
Elemental Subtraction
Mirror, burnt and scratched on the backside, 120 x 50 cm

A marred reflecting surface makes room for transparency.

homemade rust, water, variable dimensions
Austrian Arrows
february 22 2012 (Vienna/Linz, Austria)
video / 5 min 12

Sophie works on matter, whether it be photographic, video, light or organic, shaping their contrast or opposition. The fine subtlety of her pieces reach a brutal and fierce dimension when the evanescent matter becomes presence, the effects become flesh and light strikes us.
Sensitivity comes out of this rift which appears every time space or bodies consume eachother halfway between frailty and strength, like a deep and hidden wound reaching the brutality of sensitivity. It’s not what she gives us to see rather than what is to become : unravelled sensitivity.

Sarah Caillard


Sophie Giraux was born in Paris on the 1st of March 1984. She lives and works between Paris and Brussels. She successfully graduated from the Lacambre School of Visual Arts and obtained a degree in sculpture. She also did a course at Central Saint Martins in London. She is represented by Waxy Pith in Brussels.

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