New Folder

New folder is an association, created to fulfill the need of an altenative and independant structure that promotes and gives a certain visibility of the emerging artistic scene.

The website is built as a virtual and flexible space enabling each artist to create his/her page to best suit his/her work thanks to a large variety of juxtaposition and media available. We invite an artist per month to imagine an interesting way of showing their work especially designed for the invited artist page. This page then remains accesible in the artists page where you can also see
the works of the five members of New Folder (the team).

We also suggest links to exhibition spaces, structures that promote artists, artistic collectives and
curators that contribute to the emerging scene. Provoking encounters and creating a singular network is our principal objective.

The news page regroups all of the events in which artists presented by New Folder are participating in. We edit and send out a monthly newsletter to which we invite you to subscribe.

New Folder
(Jessica Lajard, Serge Payen, Flore Chenaux, Elizaveta Konovalova, Jérémy Berton)