i’m looking for a sculpture that…

Hedwig Houben

Du 25 novembre au 16 décembre
Vernissage le 24 novembre avec une performance à 17h
Moira Expositieruimte, Wolvenstraat 10, 3512 CH Utrecht

I’m Looking for the Sculpture That is the Most Obvious Sculpture. To Figure Out What This Sculpture Looks Like, I Will First Have to Go Through Every Sculpture Possible in Order to Determine What This Is. As Soon As I Know What It Looks Like, I’m Going to Make It, Stand in Front of It and Remain There Looking at It. If It So Happens That Other People Look Along with Me, I Wonder Whether They Will Think of This as the Most Obvious Sculpture. And if So, Whether That Would Mean They Have Exactly the Same Image in Mind of the True Sculpture that I do. And if Not – Which Is Probably Be More Likely – What Would Be Their Motivation for Looking at the/My Sculpture? For Example:

The Sculpture Could Be the First Sculpture the Person Has Ever Looked at;
The Sculpture Could Remind the Person of Something, and While Looking at It, the Person Tries to Recall This Memory;
Or, the Person Could Consider the Sculpture the Truest and Most Successful Sculpture, but for Every Other Reason Than Why I Do.
In The Last Case, There Would Be a Difference Between a Person Thinking the Sculpture is Successful Based Upon Their Own Criteria or Successful Because Others Had Influenced Their Opinion.